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Floor Installations

Not only do we supply flooring, we also install it as well.

Whether you are after Solid Timber, Engineered Timber, Laminate, Hybrid, Bamboo, Carpet or Window Furnishings we can supply  and also install.  If it has anything to do with a floor we can do it!!

Blind Installations

Create ambience in your home effortlessly with stylish shade solutions such as roller blinds. Another added benefit is they are easy to operate.

Your blinds can even be motorised with an app and remote control that allows you to operate it from a distance.

Shutter Installations

Shutters are a great feature point in any home. Shutters look fantastic in all applications. Coming in different materials to suit all needs, Whether it is the Living room, Bedrooms or the Bathroom. Shutters can be made waterproof for wet areas. Offering a wide variety of colours custom made to perfectly suit your needs.

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Invest in a Timber Floor Installation in Sydney For Lifelong Benefits

When you want to have a Timber Floor Installation in Sydney, you expect the colour and pattern to match your taste. Just as important, the installation should be impeccable.

Laminate Floor Installed in Children's Bedroom

When Buying Timber Floorboards in Sydney Consider This

Thanks to its specific characteristics, timber flooring is highly attractive. It looks beautiful and authentic, and the material is strong to last at least one lifetime. It adds value to your house, both literally and figuratively. So, you want to leave the timber flooring installation in your Sydney house to an installer with the right set of skills.

  • Laying parquet requires adequate preparation. Before laying any planks, they must be allowed to acclimatise. If the temperature or humidity is not within a specific range, the floor must wait. Do you think movements such as slow cooking, slow art and slow fashion make sense? In the construction sector, too, it is sometimes wise not to rush.
  • It is tempting to lay the rows of planks at random, but there is a logic behind the order we use. By the way, if you have a specific pattern in mind for your Timber Floor in Sydney, let us know. Even if you do not see it on our website or in our showroom, we know how to install any timber floor pattern.
  • As experienced craftsmen, we know what to do in case of obstacles, what distance to maintain for the separating blocks, and what is important when applying a protective layer of maintenance oil.

We always work precisely and professionally and guarantee timber floors with a beautiful appearance.

What Sets Elite Flooring & Interiors Apart Regarding Timber Flooring in Sydney

  • You can find all types of timber flooring with us. We have a large assortment with different types, colours, widths, and thicknesses.
  • Not sure which type is best for your household? This depends on several factors, such as the size of your family, whether you have pets, whether you use your house only for living or for other purposes as well. We are happy to assist you with good advice.
  • Parquet flooring is available in different price ranges. For us, however, it makes no difference how much the material costs; we always do our utmost to lay a magnificent floor. If we want you to be proud of our work, we must first be proud ourselves.
Floor installation in bedroom

About Elite Flooring & Interiors

Our customers are delighted by competitive prices and our friendliness. Even more, they are impressed by our professionalism and speed. Our service is not limited to advice before the sale, but we also help during and especially after the sale. Small problems or major interventions are just as important to us as presenting, selling, and installing the best quality flooring.

Elite Flooring & Interiors is your suitable partner for any timber floor in Sydney. Contact us for more information or a free quote. With an offer you know where you stand.