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Floor Installations

Not only do we supply flooring, we also install it as well.

Whether you are after Solid Timber, Engineered Timber, Laminate, Hybrid, Bamboo, Carpet or Window Furnishings we can supply  and also install.  If it has anything to do with a floor we can do it!!

Blind Installations

Create ambience in your home effortlessly with stylish shade solutions such as roller blinds. Another added benefit is they are easy to operate.

Your blinds can even be motorised with an app and remote control that allows you to operate it from a distance.

Shutter Installations

Shutters are a great feature point in any home. Shutters look fantastic in all applications. Coming in different materials to suit all needs, Whether it is the Living room, Bedrooms or the Bathroom. Shutters can be made waterproof for wet areas. Offering a wide variety of colours custom made to perfectly suit your needs.

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Everything You Need to Know About Carpet Installation in North Shore

When homeowners decide to install new flooring in their homes, there is a lot they need to consider before they choose the type of floors. There are so many different types of flooring options available nowadays, from wood to tiles and linoleum, it can become difficult to decide. People are now starting to choose a carpet installation in North Shore, to improve the comfort of walking around barefoot and relaxing in their homes. At Elite Flooring & Interiors, there are a variety of carpet designs available. We are passionate about making your house feel more like a home, and when you choose us, we guarantee professional workmanship.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet in Sydney

While many companies opt not to have carpets installed in their offices, they may not realise just how beneficial these are, not just to the look and feel of the office but also to their employees’ health. Here are just some of the benefits you can gain by having carpets laid down in your home.

  • Noise reduction. With many people walking around the office, especially those who wear shoes that make noise on hard floors, carpets are the better choice to have installed in your building. This way, when people walk around the corridors, the rest of your employees won’t get distracted while talking to clients or working on their computers.
  • Safety. Companies can be liable if someone slips on their office floor and hurt themselves. Laying carpeting down diminishes the chances of someone slipping on wet floors. You will also assist your staff with feeling more comfortable while walking as carpeting acts like cushioning and puts less stress on leg joints.
  • Increased cleanliness. Carpets can absorb dust and dirt particles, which would normally become a health hazard. These particles can then be easily cleaned from the carpet by either hiring a cleaning company or vacuuming the carpets yourself. Carpet cleaning doesn’t require harsh chemicals to be used, so there is no health risk to your employees.

What You Should Know About Carpet Installation in Sydney

Installing carpeting can be a tricky thing to do yourself, so if you are unfamiliar with laying carpets, it is best to leave it to the professionals. There is a lot that goes into replacing or installing carpets, you need to move furniture and disconnect all electronics. These are just a few things you need to know when it comes to installing a carpet in Sydney.

  • Special tools are needed. Laying down carpets yourself can become quite costly as you will need to purchase the special tools that are needed to install them. If you are only carpeting a few rooms, these tools will end up sitting in your garage gathering dust. It is best that you hire professionals to come in and lay your new carpets.
  • Warranty. When professionals lay your carpets, they normally come with a warranty on the installation. If the carpets start to lift, the company will normally redo them at no extra cost.
  • Preparation is essential. Before you can even begin laying down carpets, you need to prep the floor first. Businesses that work in this industry know exactly what to do and how to do it correctly.
Floor installation in bedroom

Why Trust Elite Flooring & Interiors Regarding Carpets in Sydney

Elite Flooring & Interiors is a family-owned and operated company with more than two decades worth of experience in the flooring industry. With our highly trained and qualified technicians, you can rest assured that you receive the best service available in Sydney. Whether you want to install carpets or wooden floors, we are the ones to talk to. Our employees are all too happy to sit with you and discuss what type of flooring will suit your home’s interior and go through the installation process with you.

For more information or to request a carpet quote in Sydney, don’t hesitate to contact us.