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    Window shutters in living room

Shutters will keep you cool during summer and help retain the heat during the winter making them a perfect solution to reduce your bills.

Family friendly and reinforced shutters are versatile, they sit elegantly in your lounge room or master bedroom but are sturdy enough for harsh weather conditions, pets, children, high usage and wet areas.

They also have mortise and tenon joins for stronger wider panels and are hypoallergenic for comfort.

With options such as fixed, sliding, bay window, bi-fold, hinged, tier on tier there is a shutters design for your home.

Coming in interiors options such as:


A natural timber product that does not crack or dent easily and provides unlimited decorative and shaped framing options.

Basswood is one of the most preferred woods to make sturdy shutters.

Wooden shutters go well with most interiors, and hence are a preferred choice of many.

Though strong, these shutters are light enough to be installed with great ease.

With a comprehensive palette of stained and painted colours, shutters are sure to match any colour scheme.


These shutters are hard wearing and moisture resistant which make them ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, kid’s bedrooms, kitchens, and laundries. The material does not warp, crack or chip, making these the most durable shutter available in the market.