• Hurford Roasted Solid Timber Flooring.

    Solid Timber Flooring

Hurford Roasted are among the highest luxury when it comes to Australian Hardwood floors! The deep rich tones penetrate the surface resulting in 2 distinctively unique and powerful tones, Peat: a dark and natural earthy colour, and Cayenne: a red bronze intimate tone.

The Hurford Roasted process metamorphosis the natural colour of hardwood to create a deep rich tone that penetrates through the wood.

Hurford Roasted is available in two distinctive tones:

Peat: a natural dark earth hue.
Cayenne: an intimate reddish bronze palette.

Hurford Roasted is a high temperature thermally modified hardwood that uses a custom designed heating program to alter the woods molecular structure. This has many benefits that include locking in the colour, increasing the durability and limiting movement to a fraction of normal kiln dried flooring.

  • 25 Year

    Construction Warranty

We Provide Roasted Peat Timber Flooring

Roasted Peat timber flooring is one of two distinct tons of Australian hardwood that has been through a thermal change process that alters the structure of wood. It features a natural, dark earth hue, which makes it ideal for a residential property flooring solution. Elite Flooring & Interiors is a renowned company that offers various types of flooring to suit every style and budget.

Benefits of Hurford Flooring

The Hurford process changes the natural colour of the hardwood and creates a deeper tone that permeates through the wood. The change in molecular structure is responsible for increasing the density of the hardwood, which improves its durability, locks in the colour and minimises movement. These are the benefits you enjoy with adopting Hurford flooring for your home:

  • Thanks to the structure of the wood, it provides a stable platform for the installation process in volatile areas. Consequently, this type of flooring is versatile, which you can use in several areas and still pull off an aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • With its intense colour, you can rest easy in the knowledge that this flooring won’t display imperfections or stains easily. While you must practice caution as with any material, the dark tones of this flooring solution help to disguise evident anomalies.
  • If an occupant suffers from respiratory issues or allergies, it’s wise to invest in Hurford flooring. The material doesn’t harbour harmful dust, which can aggravate certain health conditions. Other allergens such as pollen and pet hair won’t get stuck on the floor, causing contamination of the air you breathe. As a natural product, the material doesn’t emit harmful chemicals, which makes for a safer environment for your family.

A History About Hurford Flooring

If you’re wondering about where exactly this type of wood come from and how it ended up being a flooring option, this quick trip to the past will enlighten you.

  • The Hurford family owns and operates Hurford Hardwood. James Hurford established the company in the early 1930s when he also developed the tongue and groove installation system. His invention has stood the test of time which is why installers worldwide – DIY or professional – use this installation method.
  • After almost one hundred years of producing timber flooring of superior quality, this Australian company decided to offer several other hardwood flooring solutions with each one focusing on high-quality design.
  • The company employs sustainable practices and sources its material from local forests under the guidance of the Australian Forestry Standard. Every piece of wood comes from these sustainable forests, so when you acquire them, you can be confident that you’re acting in the best interests of the planet.

About Elite Flooring & Interiors

We’ve been supplying Roasted Peat timber flooring amongst other solutions to customers around Northern Beaches and surrounding areas for several years. With more than 25 years of experience, you can trust us to deliver exceptional workmanship with every project.

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