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    Living room with bamboo flooring

As times change and we become more conscious and aware of our impact on the environment we have started looking at what sustainable options are available for our homes thus minimising any impact on the environment combined with creating a healthy home for our families.

Solid Bamboo is the most eco-friendly hardwood flooring. Now taking over a significant part of the flooring industry.Coming in a large range of colours and sizes, Bamboo is one of the most cost effective hardwood floor coverings you can get.

Given that it is the hardest natural flooring product available, it performs well in most applications as well as accomplishing its interior design role seamlessly along with a host of features that will have you enthralled with your choice for years to come.

Simple Installation

Modern technology has seen this move away from complicated and labour intensive installation and waiting for glue to dry, we now simply click this floor together and its ready to go.

Strength and Durability

When Bamboo is properly harvested and processed it is exceptionally strong and durable. Strand-woven Bamboo is tougher than most hardwoods. Added strength and protection comes from a quality finishing lacquer.

Easy to Clean

Bamboo floors are simple to maintain, which means less cleaning and more living time for you.

That quality finishing lacquer also forms a complete seal thus eliminating at dirt and other nasties from penetrating the floor and ensuring that a simple wipe is all that is required to maintain clean, healthy and hygienic floors.

Contemporary Design

The widest range of length, width and colours allows for a bamboo selection in any interior project, whether it be a modern style or stepping back in time a bit of an older feel.

Pest Resistant

Bamboo is naturally resistant to insects and bugs, therefore eliminating the need for pesticides. You won’t be losing sleep over the worry of termites and other creepy crawlies.

Refinished Potential

With putting your Bamboo floors to good use and enjoying life, they can become a bit dull and scratched over time, rest assured your can have your floors refinished and resealed.

Nature’s Friend

Bamboo is one of nature’s most rapidly renewable resources. Bamboo grows into a mature tree ready to harvest approximately every 6 years. No 40 to 80 year wait that is required of some hardwoods. This has the added benefit of reducing cost and any wait times for plants to mature.